Hello fellow learners!

This is a space for learners by a learner. Inspired by Professor Feynman, I use Feynman techniques of learning in an attempt to simplify concepts that I have previously or recently struggled with. I attempt to intuitively understand before getting started with the technicalities.

I hope my notes come in handy for you. Happy Learning!!

  • Neural Networks – Feedforward Math
    In this post, we will do the math on our dummy dataset and calculate the feedforward steps by hand. We will take the parameters of our first instance, i.e. first house, as the input vector and arbitrarily chosen random weights. …
  • Neural Networks – Backpropagation
    Notes on intuitive understanding of backpropagation.
  • Neural Networks – Feedforward process
    What happens when the input goes into the model? It makes its way through the network architecture to the output layer. This process is called Feed-forward process and results in the prediction or classification of the problem we’re building the …

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